Out of Warranty Support

Field Replaceable Parts - G-SPEED FC / G-SPEED XL Products

Data Retention

Please note that it is user's responsibility to protect and back-up data. G-Technology limited warrantees apply only the hardware, not the actual data on the hard drive.

For more information, please see the G-Technology Limited Warranty Statement.

For your convenience we provide some companies below, however, your choice of service provider is your risk and responsibility, and any agreement for data retention/recovery services is entirely between you and the service provider.  G-Technology is not responsible for the retention/recovery of your data, and does not make any warranty, express or implied, regarding the services provided by any service provider.  G-Technology is not liable for any loss or damages of any kind that relate to, arise out of, or result from the performance of services by the service provider, including, but not limited to any loss of data contained on a G-Technology hard drive.

US and Canadian 3rd Party Service Provider
Melrose Mac – Los Angeles, CA 1 (323) 937-4600
Mac Mall – Santa Monica, CA 1 (310) 394-7779
MBS – Washington DC 1 (301) 590-2555
Simply - Vancouver, Canada 1 (877) 714-1450
Videotex – Dallas, TX 1 (800) 888-4336
x 240
LeMac Urbain - Quebec, Canada 1 (450) 640-8777
European 3rd Party Service Provider
Global Distribution – U.K +44 1223 228000
Global 3rd Party Data Recovery Companies
DriveSavers Data Recovery 1 (800) 440-1904
Data Rescue Center 1 (877) 501-4949
Kroll Ontrack 1 (800) 872-2599