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How to set up Time Machine to use a G-Technology drive

How to set up Time Machine to back up to a G-Technology drive?

To set up or adjust Time Machine:

  1. Choose Apple menu - System Preferences, and then click Time Machine.

  2. Slide the switch to ON.

  3. Click Change Disk.

  4. Choose a disk where backups will be stored, and click Use for Backup.

Any hard drive attached to the computer that can be used to store backups will be listed. The list includes internal hard drives except for your startup disk, and most external disks. If there is a partitioned hard drive, the partitions will be listed.

iPods and iDisks can’t be used for Time Machine backups.

When Time Machine performs the first backup of the system, it may take a while. Set up Time Machine in the evening so that the initial backup can be done overnight. Subsequent backups take less time because only items that have changed are backed up.

Time Machine works best if the backup disk is only used for Time Machine backups. If there are files on the backup disk, Time Machine will not back up those files, and the space available for Time Machine backups will be reduced.

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