@bgareffa it's a 3rd party tool for the Mac OS which works really well :
@bgareffa assuming the one left in the dock for backup is always the backup of your working drive.
@bgareffa Hi Ben, in that scenario we would normally suggest leaving the G-DOCK in JBOD and using chronosync to manage the synching.
@bgareffa them together. It depends if they are working drives.. or just storage..

G-SPEED Q - RAID Configurator

Using the G-Technology configurator, you can change the RAID settings to either RAID 0 (Stripe) or RAID 5 (Redundant Stripe). The RAID 0 setting will allow for an increased performance across both drives and display the maximum capacity available. The RAID 5 configuration allows you to write partial data across all drives. For example in a G-SPEED Q with 1TB (x4) drives, the end capacity would be 3TB of storage. The "missing" 1TB of space in this example is used to hold partial amounts of data in the event any 1 drive in the RAID fails.

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