G Drive causes iMac to restart

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G Drive causes iMac to restart

Postby Im2frank » Feb 4th, '14, 20:51

I have had a G Drive for a little over a year connected to my iMac 2007 updated to the Maverick OS. It is mainly used to store audio and video files. I use a Western Digital Drive as my time capsule. Recently, When I switch the G Drive on it causes the iMac to restart and the OS never loads. When I turn off the G Dr. And restart the computer everything starts normally. I tried different cables and got the same result.
So I took the G Dr. and used it on my other iMac with an older OS. Same results only this time it never showed up in finder.

Are there any known issues? Is anyone having the same experience? Are there any resolutions?

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Re: G Drive causes iMac to restart

Postby Dustin F » Feb 5th, '14, 09:27

Hi Im2frank,

Thanks for posting. That is an unusual occurrence. Since it is happening with multiple cables across multiple computers there is likely a short in the circuitry causing feedback. If you only bought it a year ago it should have warranty and can file for a RMA to have the unit replaced under warranty. I will include a link for the RMA form. If you wish for an advanced replacement to attempt data retention you can call in to the support center with the RMA number you get from the RMA form.


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