G-DRIVE G-RAID unmount

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G-DRIVE G-RAID unmount

Postby Giampietro » Dec 25th, '13, 09:50

Hello, I own a G-RAID 1T I use only to do backups with TimeMachine and a G-DRIVE 2T that has got 5 partitions whose one for TimeMachine (they are linked by Firewire 800/400 to two iMac 27/24). I have updated the operation sistems to Maverick (10.9.1) and from this moment I can't totally disattivate G-RAID and G-DRIVE both. Taking up the volumes to the expulsion, they scompare from desktop but if I open Disk Utility I still see them (even if disattivated) and in fact I don't hear a "click" which should signal the stop of discs rotation. I have to turn off the Mac to turn off the two HDD, because only when the Mac is off I hear the "click" of stop rotation. Finally, the G-DRIVE 2T is slower than the G-RAID 1T. Sorry if english I used is not totally correct, thank's for the attention.


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Re: G-DRIVE G-RAID unmount

Postby Dustin F » Dec 26th, '13, 10:56

Hi Giampietro,

Thanks for posting. From what I could gather from your post it sounds like you are able to eject the drives but they do not spin down properly. We have sometimes seen where the drives do not spin down on Mavericks systems that were upgraded by more than one version, for example if you upgraded from 10.6 or 10.7 directly to 10.9. We have no trouble with 10.9 for a clean install. You may want to re-install a clean copy of Mavericks to remove any conflicting drivers that could be causing the issue. Or if you have apple care you could talk to apple to see if they have a alternate solution.

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