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Postby jeffron18 » Dec 17th, '13, 06:11

I just installed via time machine- it took 24 hours to encrypt. now with 55GB to backup has been showing calculating time to backup now for over 24 hours. Is this correct

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Re: installation

Postby Dustin F » Dec 17th, '13, 08:10

Hi jeffron18,

Thanks for posting. If you chose to encrypt the drive it must complete that first before it backs up. This can take quite a bit of time as it must do so to the entire drive, sector by sector. However if the encrypting has completed calculating the amount of space to back up should not take that long. As interrupting the process may affect the encryption process I would suggest contacting apple as they would know the best procedure to take, as if the encryption has not completed this could make the drive unreadable.

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