Multiple drive packs?

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Multiple drive packs?

Postby chrisroyfilms » Dec 8th, '13, 12:51

With the G-Speed Q is it possible to create multiple disk-packs - basically enabling me to have a separate set of disks for each of my projects. I have been using Drobo's for years for archiving video projects and it does this as easy as shutting down, inserting new drives and formatting with a new name, then I can shut down re-insert the previous set and go back and fourth with my previous sets of data.

Anyone try this yet with G-Tech products?

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Re: Multiple drive packs?

Postby Dustin F » Dec 9th, '13, 09:25

Hi chrisroyfilms,

Thanks for posting. We do not recommend trying to use a second set of drives with the Q. While it is theoretically possible to do this if it is the same capacity and raid type; if the Q sees some kind of discrepancy in the raid when being swapped it will reset the entire raid, formatting any data that would have been on the drives. It is a default setting and has no user input for prompt. The g-speed es and es pro have a separate raid controller that can be user controlled which makes multiple drive sets much more feasible.

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