Restoring RAID after partitioning

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Restoring RAID after partitioning

Postby fradserk » Nov 27th, '13, 11:21

I mistakenly setup a partition on one of my 4tb slices. Now the 8tb drive does not mount; it's greyed out in the disk utility. Only the two partitions in the 4tb slice will mount. The other unpartitioned 4tb slice does not mount. When I try to erase the 8tb drive it fails. Can you tell me how to restore my 8tb with two unpartitioned 4tb slices?


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Re: Restoring RAID after partitioning

Postby Dustin F » Nov 30th, '13, 09:24

Hi fradserk,

Thanks for posting. Since you are unable to delete the raid set itself you will need to erase free space on both of the drives that made up the raid. You will want to select the physical listing of each drive and click the partition tab; you will then change the partition scheme from current to 1; then select the format to free space and click apply. Doing this to each drive will remove the raid set information from the drives and thus remove its listing from disk utility. You can then partition them separately or you can recreate a raid. You can find more on how to create a raid here.

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