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Postby bobby_everett » Nov 17th, '13, 20:30

NOTE: at two drive RAID will always allows for two optional RAID settings. RAID 1 and RAID 0. Raid 0 for performance AKA (Stripeing) and RAID 1 for redundancy (AKA mirroring). Now that we have this settled on with the issue.

I purchased a G-Tech G-RAID. I NEED a Mirrored RAID, for redundancy.

I have Downloaded the G-Tech Configurator.

I follow instructions. Installed app... restarted my computer (is it not 2013? *!!!)

I unplug all other attached external drives... (*??? REALLY?)

I plug in said G_Tech RAID. I launch configurator. IT SEARCHES..... how long should this take? its searches!!!!!! There is only 1 drive to find!?!?!?!?

Please explain how to get this to work. I NEED a mirrored share!!!!!

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Re: OSX-10.8_G-RAID-Configurator_RAID1

Postby Dustin F » Nov 18th, '13, 09:25

Hi bobby_everett,

Thanks for posting. The configurator is for the G-RAID mini only. We do not support the standard G-RAID in a raid 1, it is sold as a raid 0 unit only. The G-RAID lacks a drive indicator to show if a drive has failed so in a raid 1 if one of the drives goes out you would not know until the other has failed. This it is sold in raid 0 only and not tested with the configurator.

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