G-RAID Obnoxious Noise While Writing

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G-RAID Obnoxious Noise While Writing

Postby gingervitis » Nov 14th, '13, 06:02

While writing data to the G-RAID I purchased September 27, 2013 I hear a terrible noise. I have attached a link to a video below of the drive while writing data to it. I purchased 2 G-RAID drives at the same time and the other does not have this issue, it is very quiet. Any input would be greatly appreciated.

https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B2Z8vu ... sp=sharing

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Re: G-RAID Obnoxious Noise While Writing

Postby Dustin F » Nov 14th, '13, 10:40

Hi gingervitis,

Thanks for posting. It sounds like the drive is getting more echoing of the mechanical operations. It may be that this unit could have different model of internal drives that are higher density, thus having less platters and more empty space within the mechanical drives. With more space within those drives there is a greater echo internally which in turn builds up within enclosure housing. I would not worry about it at this time. If you start to hear a rhythmic clicking or it gets louder would be a sign for concern. If you are that worried we can replace the drive under warranty.

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