G-Raid does not mout

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G-Raid does not mout

Postby Speda » Nov 11th, '13, 01:31

Hello .. just got the G-Raid 4 TB Thunderbolt.
Mountig on my two iMacs 2011 is not possible.
Mounting on my MacBook Air works fine.
So, what is the problem with my iMacs?
Can't see the drive with the disk utility program.
Even on the system profile there is not drive connected.
One iMac has Mavericks the other has 10.8.5.

Any help?


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Re: G-Raid does not mout

Postby Dustin F » Nov 11th, '13, 09:08

Hi Chris,

Thanks for posting. A common mistake I see made is people plugging a thunderbolt drive into a computer that only has display port, but based on the specs of the mid 2011 imac it should have thunderbolt. Does the port you are plugging the drive into have a little lightning bolt symbol or is it a box with two lines on either side of it? If it is the later you may have an older model than you think.

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