Daisy Chain FW800

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Daisy Chain FW800

Postby SteveC » Nov 2nd, '13, 09:41

Dumb question:

If I connect a G-Drive to my Macbook Pro via Firewire 800, and I connect a bus-powered FW800 drive to the second Firewire port on the G-Drive, will the bus-powered drive power up and work?

I have several FW drives from other manufacturers and some will power bus-powered drives this way and some won't. I'm wondering whether a new 4TB G-Drive will do it.

Many thanks to anybody who can help


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Re: Daisy Chain FW800

Postby Dustin F » Nov 4th, '13, 09:07

Hi Steve,

Thanks for posting. We have seen varying levels of success with powering a bus powered drive through the g-drives. It usually works best if you have the bus powered drives be the first in the chain and have the powered drives be further down towards the end. This usually gives the best result.

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