G-RAID mini flashing red light

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G-RAID mini flashing red light

Postby alex0002 » Oct 27th, '13, 23:09

I'm having problems with my G-RAID mini. I'm using the G-RAID Configurator to put the G-RAID mini into RAID-1 mode. The G-RAID mini was purchased just last month and it is the version with eSATA, FW800 and USB2.0 and I'm connecting with FW800.

The computer is a MacBook Pro 13" late 2011 model running OS X 10.8.5.

This first time I was having problems, I was using default energy saver options.

Now I'm powering the drive via the FW800 and I've set the OS X Energy Saver Preferences to:
* Computer Sleep - 3 hrs - this is longer than any backup will need.
* put hard drives to sleep is unchecked - meaning they should never sleep when the computer is powered.

I start the G-RAID Configurator which finds the drive connected using FW-800 and then I select "RAID 1 (Protected)" and Configure.

Once configured in RAID-1 I get the warning about "disk you inserted was not readable" and I open Disk Utility. The drive is recognised as a 500 GB G-TECH. I partition the drive adding a single partition with Mac OS Extended (Journaled).

Code: Select all
$ diskutil list disk1
   #:                       TYPE NAME                    SIZE       IDENTIFIER
   0:      GUID_partition_scheme                        *500.1 GB   disk1
   1:                        EFI                         209.7 MB   disk1s1
   2:                  Apple_HFS G-RAID-mini             499.7 GB   disk1s2

Everything appears to be normal and I can write a file to the partition.

Now I start Time Machine and start a backup to the new G-RAID-mini volume.
Part way through the backup, the red light on the drive starts flashing.

If I eject the drive, the red light keeps flashing.
If I run Disk Utility to verify the drive and the partition, everything appears to be o.k.

I can even run another time machine backup and it completes without errors.
I can explore the files and folders inside the G-RAID mini and the ones I checked seem to be o.k.

But the red light keeps flashing.

Do I have a faulty drive?

I can clear the flashing red light by running the Configurator again and this time selecting RAID-0 then running a second time to return to RAID-1.

The red light flashes for a short time and stops.
But now I have lost my data and I have to partition again.

I repartition and this time the Time Machine backup of about 30 GB of data completes o.k.

Then to test it gain, I eject the G-RAID-mini partition, erase the partition and run Time Machine again.

This time it gets about 5 GB into the backup and the red light starts flashing again.

What next, is there any diagnostics I can run, or drivers that can be updated, or should I just return the drive for repair or refund?

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Re: G-RAID mini flashing red light

Postby Dustin F » Oct 28th, '13, 11:26

Hi alex0002,

Thanks for posting. The red light will usually flash for a few seconds when the drive turns on while it is checking the drives and again when in raid 1 mode when it is mirroring the data from the first drive to the second. There is a bit of delay in the mirroring. From the sound of it the drive is mirroring to the second during the backup. I would not be concerned with this. If you let the red light blink it should finish a bit after the backup finishes.

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Re: G-RAID mini flashing red light

Postby alex0002 » Oct 28th, '13, 12:37

Thanks for the reply. When the drive is first turned on it does flash a few time as you say, then when I begin the backup, only the white light is visible. But part way through the backup, the red light starts flashing and continues flashing.

I've never seen this with RAID-1 before... in my day job I work with servers, e.g. HP DL360, DL380, BL460...
Normally once the drives are in sync in these systems, then data is written to both drives.

What sort of delay is normal here?

If I write 30 GB to the G-RAID mini and the red light begins flashing, how long should I leave the drive powered up before the red light stops flashing?

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