Any reason why i cannot have Gspeed q as JBOD

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Any reason why i cannot have Gspeed q as JBOD

Postby hbmaurice » Oct 28th, '13, 04:42

Hello forum

So i have had my first disk failure on my G Speed Q and it did not exactly go as i was expecting. Basically the G Speed Q unmounted and locked up and no amount of cable swapping/ restarting / attempting to format would bring it back to life. The lights all remained a happy blue colour and no red or amber flashing. It just would not mount or allow me to repair it.

I eventually reformatted the raid using MAC Drive for windows (which is awesome!). After this one of the drives has come up as amber flashing so i assume i need a new drive for this bay. And i assume that this was the problem all along.

The thing is i was expecting my Raid 5 configuration to be able to recover from this which has not happened..... i thought it was all hot swappable and would rebuild etc.

So i have arrived at a decision, i do not like or trust raid 5 and raid 0 whilst fast gives me an even greater chance of failure and I would be happy with a JBOD. This way if one fails i have only lost 25% of my data and not all of it, as was the case with what happened.

So my question, why can i not got a software configurator to make it JBOD?

Kind regards Joe

p.s it is my back up drive so i only lost the back up not the actual data.....but still!

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Re: Any reason why i cannot have Gspeed q as JBOD

Postby Dustin F » Oct 28th, '13, 11:32

Hi hbmaurice,

Thanks for posting. It is highly unusual for the entire raid to be locked up by a single drive. It may have been on the verge of failure and been drawing additional power to itself making the unit unable to see the other drives properly. As for the jbod ability, the g-speed q does not have that feature, it is raid 5 or raid 0 only. Our higher models such as the g-speed es and es pro can do jbod as well as a number of other raid configurations. The g-speed q however does not have that option. With that drive replaced I think the raid 5 would work much better.

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