build a RAID with a 4tb G-RIDE?

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build a RAID with a 4tb G-RIDE?

Postby cuervoingenuo » Oct 11th, '13, 10:19


I would like to know if I could build a RAID 5 with a 4Tb G-RAID and a 2Tb G-Drive.

If I'm correct, I am getting 3 independent disks in total with this setup, the three of them being the same size (2Tb each) and same speed and connection type. I connect them using a Thunderbolt/eSata interface to a Macbook Pro. I would like to use this setup for video editing. I have read that RAID 5 would be the best setup for this purpose. Do I need any hardware controller for the RAID? Some advice? Any other suggestion? Thank you very much!

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Re: build a RAID with a 4tb G-RIDE?

Postby Dustin F » Oct 14th, '13, 10:51

Hi cuervoingenuo,

Thanks for posting. First off if the G-RAID has a esata port then it is a unit that is RAID 0 only. The data is distributed across both drives and since it is a hardware raid the computer will only see it as one drive. Second disk utility only supports raid 0 and raid 1. To do a raid 5 externally you would need both a hardware raid controller and an external unit that supports raid 5. For a macbook pro the raid controller card would need to be in a thunderbolt pci enclosure and the card itself will need to be thunderbolt aware. The only card we carry that would support raid 5 and be thunderbolt aware is for our g-speed es pro which is a 4 bay unit that would support raid 5. Thunderbolt pci enclosures are made by several companies, one of which is Sonnet. Other than that you would not be able to get raid 5 on a macbook pro.

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