G Drive Mini to iMAC

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G Drive Mini to iMAC

Postby imatthws » Oct 10th, '13, 06:55


My MACBook Pro recently died so I just got a new iMAC. The iMAC has 2 Thunderbolt and 4 USB3 ports. I have the older style G Drive Mini with FW400 and 5pin MiniUSB ports.

What are my options for hooking the G Drive Mini up to the new iMAC? I don't have an external power supply to the G Drive Mini....

Thanks in advance,


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Re: G Drive Mini to iMAC

Postby Dustin F » Oct 10th, '13, 07:06

Hi Ian,

Usb 3.0 ports are backwards compatible with usb 2 devices, that would work fine. You could also get a thunderbolt to fw adapter which they only have for 800 so you would need to use a 800 to 400 firewire cable. Speed wise you are looking about the same either way. I would suggest just using the usb connection.

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