G-Raid won't mount

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G-Raid won't mount

Postby NivAroya » Sep 28th, '13, 17:35

pls help!!!

my mac pro (osx - 10.6.8) was died and my g-raid 2 TB was the time machine backup disk.
i havent backed up for a wile and i wanted to rescue my data on my internal HD.

i removed my internal HD from my mac pro, opened the case of the G-raid, removed one of the hitachi HD and replaced it with the internal HD so i could mount it and retrieved my data back.
i connect it to my macbook pro (osx - 10.8.5) and turn g raid on.
it doesn't mount it and i connect everything back to original but now it won't mount as well.

pls tell me what did i do wrong and how can i fix it?
thanks a lot!!

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Re: G-Raid won't mount

Postby Dustin F » Sep 30th, '13, 07:58

Hi NivAroya,

Thanks for posting. First off time machine backups are not bootable, they require a working operating system to be accessed and can then be restored from an external drive. The G-Raid is a RAID 0 unit meaning the data is in a stripe distributed across both hard drives, they are not a mirror. By connecting up one of the drives without the other and without the raid controller it was set up on that would have corrupted the raid information on the drive. To recover the information on the drive would require data recovery software designed to work with RAIDed drives, or possibly a data recovery service. You can try demos of Data Rescue 3 or R-Studio to see if they can see the backup file.

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