G-RAID drive sleeping?

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G-RAID drive sleeping?

Postby pdoubleuj » Dec 11th, '12, 11:03


I have a G-RAID Gen4-2TB connected to my Airport Extreme as a USB Disk. It works for my configuration and allows me to store Time Machine data, user files, etc. It seems, that if the drive isn't being used, there is some sort of power saving mechanism happening? After extended periods of no usage, there is a 'pregnant pause' before the drive (disk noise/flashing light) will ramp up again, and some programs see this as a disconnect, because the resource, essentially, isn't ready. Is there some configurable setting ? or firmware update that would allow me to keep the drive 'active' and not enter this 'passive' state?

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Re: G-RAID drive sleeping?

Postby Gene G » Dec 11th, '12, 14:13


Thanks for your post. There are no firmware updates or setting other than the Energy Saver Preferences. Make sure that the computer is set to never sleep and that the box is unchecked for putting hard drives to sleep. I hope this helps.

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