G-Drive mini not able to archive Time Capsule disk

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G-Drive mini not able to archive Time Capsule disk

Postby erinblythe » Sep 13th, '13, 08:55

I need to backup the data on my Time Capsule disk. The only way to do this is to connect a drive to the Time Capsule's USB port and choose "Archive Disk" in AirPort Utility. The problem is, my G-Drive mini doesn't seem to power up adequately when connected to the Time Capsule. I can hear the drive making a quiet clicking noise but nothing else happens. The G-Drive never becomes visible under the "Disks" tab in Airport Utility.

To connect the G-Drive mini to the Time Capsule I am using the USB cable that came with the G-Drive mini (port on back of drive says USB2.0). To power the G-Drive mini I am using a 12V, 2A AC Adapter (DC IN port).

The same configuration connected directly to my MacBook Pro mounts the drive without any trouble.

My hardware specs are: Time Capsule version 7.6.4; G-Drive mini GDM4 500 X; MacBook Pro 2.5GHz Intel Core i7
My software specs are: Lion OS 10.7.5; Airport Utility 6.3.1

Any help is much appreciated.

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Re: G-Drive mini not able to archive Time Capsule disk

Postby Dustin F » Sep 16th, '13, 10:13

Hi erinblythe,

Thanks for posting. While the g-drive mini can usually bus power off of a computer, it usually can't off of devices like a time capsule. You said you are using a power adapter with it? While 12v is the correct voltage and 2A is more than enough does the adapter have a positive center? Where did you get the power adapter from. The adapters we normally sell for the g-drive mini is only 1A. If it is a universal adapter you may want to recheck to make sure it is a positive center.

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