G-Raid2 mounting as one drive in disk utilites

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G-Raid2 mounting as one drive in disk utilites

Postby afrothang » Aug 23rd, '13, 22:14


Recently I formatted my 1TB G-Raid2 because it was not working properly. I was unable to write to it files larger than 70+mbs. It looked as if it was configured to have RAID block sizes of 32k and I thought I could reformat, re-raid, and change this setting to the max of 256k. From what I remember, in Disk Utilities my G-raid would show up as two drives under one "umbrella drive". After my last format it only shows as one 1TB drive in Disk Utilities. I was trying to partition the G-raid before I realized that it should automatically be two volumes and that a partition should be unnecessary. As of now I have one 1TB volume and it will not allow me to partition into two volumes and obviously I cannot set up any type of raid. I have never opened up the enclosure but I assume that there is in fact two physical drives in the enclosure correct? Please advise. Thanks.

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Re: G-Raid2 mounting as one drive in disk utilites

Postby Dustin F » Aug 26th, '13, 08:11

Hi afronthang,

Thanks for posting. The G-Raid has an internal raid controller which regulates the drives independent of the computer. As such the computer will always read it as one drive. With internal drives you would have a raid set up seeing multiple dives and then the raid partition. The G-raid you will format and treat as a single drive.

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