transfer data from PC formatted G-Technology to a MAC

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transfer data from PC formatted G-Technology to a MAC

Postby mary0552mary0552 » Aug 20th, '13, 08:40

I have a G-Technology 2TB external drive model "Q 2TB with eSata, USB2.0, Firewire 400, Firewire 800 interfaces," "0G00203".

I have been using it with a PC. I originally formatted it for the PC. I now have an iMac, Mountain Lion, and want to transfer the data to the iMac and then reformat the external for use with the iMac. I think I have at least 500 GB on the external drive, maybe more, maybe even 1 TB.

I need to get a FireWire cable to hook it up to the iMac, but I am not sure if I do hook it up to the iMac that that I will destroy the current data on it. Will I? If not, can transfer the data from the external on to the iMac then reformat the drive for the iMac?

Any help on how to do this will be greatly appreciated!

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Re: transfer data from PC formatted G-Technology to a MAC

Postby Dustin F » Aug 21st, '13, 07:56

Hi mary0552mary0552,

Thanks for posting. Hooking up the drive to the mac via firewire will not wipe the drive. The last several versions of the mac operating system can read NTFS (pc formatted drive) but cannot write to it. So you can plug the drive into the mac and copy the data off of it. You can then reformat the drive into a mac format using disk utility. Or if you have room for the data on your current computers internal drive you can copy the data off and reformat into exfat which can be read and written to both pc and mac. If you have any questions on how to do this let me know.

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