High Pitched Electronic Sounds before Fan Spin Up.

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High Pitched Electronic Sounds before Fan Spin Up.

Postby aaronc » Jul 10th, '13, 10:55


I have a brand new G-RAID Mini USB 3.0 version that is exhibiting strange behavior:

About 30 seconds after connecting the device to my computer (Late '07 Macbook) via FW while using the power adapter, the G-RAID mini makes a series of about 8-10 high pitched, distinct, electronic sounds followed by the fan starting to rotate and pause in 1-2 second intervals.

Additionally, after ejecting the device from my machine (with the FW or USB cable still attached), the fan continues to exhibit this behavior accompanied by similar high pitched electronic sounds as the fan comes to a stop each time. The only way to stop it from spinning in the 1-2 second intervals and making those sounds is to disconnect the drive from my computer.

Do I have a defective drive or is this normal behavior for the G-RAID Minis?


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Re: High Pitched Electronic Sounds before Fan Spin Up.

Postby Dustin F » Aug 9th, '13, 10:46

Hi aaronc.

Thanks for posting. The sporadic running of the fan is unusual. Sometimes when the drives are first spinning up or spinning down you do hear a whine coming from the drive. The two drives next to each other within the metal case tend to amplify the mechanical noises. The fan should run continuously when needed though it doesn't always run. There may be an issue with the temperature sensor on the drive. If you are within the return period you may want to exchange it, other wise you can warranty it through the online form on the site.

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