Why G-Technology PCIe x4 RAID

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Why G-Technology PCIe x4 RAID

Postby mcg222 » Aug 2nd, '13, 09:33


I am new to RAID, and am interested in the G-SPEED eS. I have an eSATA port on my motherboard, but it seems from what I've read that won't work and you need a RAID controller card. I am trying to understand why you need to hook the G-SPEED eS up to the G-Technology PCIe x4 RAID card?

Please let me know!



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Re: Why G-Technology PCIe x4 RAID

Postby Dustin F » Aug 6th, '13, 14:38

Hi Grant,

Thanks for posting. In order for the G-Speed eS to function properly the esata port must support port multiplication which integrated esata connections do not have. Aside from that the card is also the raid controller. While there are some cheaper cards out there with port multiplication they do not have advanced raid function so the only way you would be able to use the eS on those cards would be as a RAID 0. For RAID 5 or 10 or any other configuration you would require a card of the caliber listed on our site. The card also is the RAID controller which regulates multiple units allowing for more complex RAID configurations. The card has its own web GUI to set up and maintain RAIDs.

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