G-DRIVE 4TB and Slow and Light Blinks Slow

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G-DRIVE 4TB and Slow and Light Blinks Slow

Postby vmphoto » Jul 28th, '13, 17:14

I bought 2 4TB G-Drives (FW800/400/USB/eSata version) about a year ago. I noticed that drive light on one of the drives blinks slower than the other drive.

I was wondering if this was indicating a problem.

I have backed up all the data off the drive. I have re-formated it, I have dumped alot of data back on it to test the drive out and see if anything would change or not. FYI, I use a Mac Mini 2013 version, it has FW800/USB3 ports...I am using the drives with the FW800 connection. I have had them daisy chained, I have broken them apart, and had them as individual drives, I have had each individually only attached and nothing changes.

It seems that the data is good...no issues there....but I did notice that the data transfer rate seems to be at the FW400 speed...and not FW800 speed.

Any thoughts on this?

I was also wondering if I used a USB3 to eStat cable would that yield any better performance as well?

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Re: G-DRIVE 4TB and Slow and Light Blinks Slow

Postby Dustin F » Aug 9th, '13, 12:20

Hi vmphoto,

Thanks for posting. You may want to check the speed your are getting on each drive. There is a tool called AJA system test which works well for this. You can find it here http://www.aja.com/en/products/software/
I suggest a sweep video frame sizes test with a 1GB file size. I suggest testing each drive on each connection for comparison. Also swapping cables if you find lower speed. If the firewire port on the slow blinking drive proves to run slower you can check warranty status and create a RMA from our website. http://prod.g-technology.com/support/warranty_rma.cfm

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