G-RAID mini

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G-RAID mini

Postby kashiramojid » Jul 17th, '13, 21:44


G-RAID mini USB 3.0 runs fine in the default RAID 0 mode. However, running G-RAID mini RAID Configurator doesn't detect the drive.

Here's my setup:
- Sony Vaio Z21
- Windows 7 64bit
- G-RAID Mini USB 3.0 (serial number not ending with JM)
- Tried all of the following G-RAID mini RAID Configurator versions with G-RAID Mini as the only external USB drive:
1. http://webassets.g-technology.com/kbase ... 072911.zip
2. http://webassets.g-technology.com/kbase ... 072911.zip
3. http://www.g-technology.com/sites/defau ... _pc_64.zip

Any ideas on what the issue could be? Thanks.

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Re: G-RAID mini

Postby Dustin F » Aug 9th, '13, 13:33

Hi kashiramojid,

Thanks for posting. Since you posted we have updated the site with a newer version of the configurator that works with the usb the g-raid mini. Here is the link for the 64bit version of the configurator. http://webassets.g-technology.com/kbase ... 080113.zip

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