G-Drive Mini Triple will not power via USB

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G-Drive Mini Triple will not power via USB

Postby deleonstrong » Jul 3rd, '13, 15:16

I have a G-Drive Mini Triple Part# 99200-09106-001 500GB 5400RPM GMG08U8380335. I have had this G-Drive mini working successfully for a while. Since I have bought it, I have used it with my Macbook Pros with no issue with power via USB. I use the USB cable provided via G-TECH.

I had to boot a new Macbook with my G-mini and could not use the USB to boot from due to power issues. So I plugged in the AC adapter to back and used the FW800 cable to boot. The drive booted fine.

THe problem occurred when I went back to USB and NO AC Adapter. The G-mini doesn't like the power from USB anymore. If I plug the AC adapter in all is well. When I just use USB power, i hear faint clicks and then subsequent beeps. then all stops and nothing happens.

I plug in my other G-mini (80 GB) and every works with USB power.

Any ideas? anyone else seen this issue?



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Re: G-Drive Mini Triple will not power via USB

Postby Dustin F » Jul 11th, '13, 10:20

Hi T.

Thanks for posting. Aside from the usb cable some controller boards as they age may not be able to use bus power any longer. The controller card for the enclosure may not be conducting as well as it used to thus bus power may no longer suffice. Obviously the power adapter works which gives you a way to use it. Firewire provides more power than usb so you may be able to use it that way without a power adapter. From model number I'm guessing you have had the drive more than 3 years.

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