G/Drive Mobile USA

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G/Drive Mobile USA

Postby lizhewson » Jul 5th, '13, 10:52

I have a GDRUNA5001AFB, with no instructions.

I plugged it in to back of Mac desktop and expected something to let me know what instructions to follow.

Can anyone help me please. My Macs are all having problems, so I am trying to put stuff ont his external drive and then take Mac to store >

Not getting very far however. Help please.

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Re: G/Drive Mobile USA

Postby Gene G » Jul 9th, '13, 07:35


Thanks for your post. When you plug the G-DRIVE Mobile in, it should appear on your desktop and is ready for you to transfer data to it. If it does not appear on your desktop, you can open a Finder window to find it there, it should be listed on the left side of the window. Does the drive spin up and the light illuminated? What computer and OS are you using? Have you tried another cable, or another computer? Please let me know if you have any questions.

Gene Gilbert
G-Technology Tech Support

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