Newbie Questions

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Newbie Questions

Postby Lauren » Jun 22nd, '13, 08:57

I've read similar questions/answers but I'd like to be sure I understand properly before making a purchase. I'm interested in the 4TB Q. If I keep it configured raid 0,5 (straight out of the box) using with a mac, I will have 3TB of actual storage space?

Also, if I wanted to upgrade to a larger capacity, I need to replace all of the drives and they need to be matching, yes? Does it matter what brand or model the drives are?

Thanks for helping me learn.

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Re: Newbie Questions

Postby Dustin F » Jun 25th, '13, 08:37

Hi Lauren,

Thanks for posting. The G-Speed Q does ship in RAID 5 by default which will reduce capacity by 1/4 so for the 4TB unit will be 3TB usable. As for upgrading the drives they would all need to be matching part numbers. Only HGST drives have been used and tested for the unit I cannot speak on other brands.

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