iMac power off and/or sleep

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iMac power off and/or sleep

Postby rdj » Jun 24th, '13, 08:17

I know this will sound idiotic to most, but I want to do this right.

1. I have just connected a 2TB G-Drive to my iMac and want to use it for permanent HD space. I regularly back up using Time Machine to a 2 TB Time Capsule, and I have now deleted the G-Drive from the "Exclude" file in Time Machine preferences, so I assume the G-Drive's contents will be included in future backups. Right?

2. I know that, if I choose to power down or remove the G-Drive that I should unmount it from my desktop first. My question, though, is: If I leave it "on" all the time, will my iMac's sleep schedule interfere with the G-Drive? And, if I turn my iMac completely off (vacations or rare freezes), do I unmount the G-Drive first or just power down the computer? The Manuals and Guides do not seem to speak to this question.

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Re: iMac power off and/or sleep

Postby Dustin F » Jun 24th, '13, 14:54

Hi rdj,

Thanks for posting. Once you remove the drive from the exclude list time machine will back up its contents as well. If you leave the drive on it spins down after about 10 minutes of inactivity and will spin back up when accessed again so sleep should not be an issue. If you shut down the computer it normally will eject any drives automatically. However if the computer is malfunctioning it may be better to eject it first if possible. It does not hurt to eject before shutting down. Let me know if you have any more questions.

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