Will my Gen3 G-Safe take 4TB drives

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Will my Gen3 G-Safe take 4TB drives

Postby DanS » Jun 18th, '13, 21:00


I've got two 2TB drives in my Gen3 G-Safe, and it's simply no longer enough for my stills and video. Will it take 4TB drives?

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Re: Will my Gen3 G-Safe take 4TB drives

Postby Gene G » Jun 19th, '13, 08:11

Hi Dan,

Thanks for your post. It may be possible to use your G-SAFE GEN3 with drives 3TB and larger, it depends on the chipset and firmware in your unit. To tell if your G-SAFE is capable, watch the LCD screen on startup, if the unit indicates that it is GEN4 on the startup screen, it will support the larger drives. What is the firmware version indicated on the second line at startup, it will read V1xx.xxxx. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Gene Gilbert
G-Technology Tech Support

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