G-Raid start up upon power up?

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G-Raid start up upon power up?

Postby n9jig » Jun 9th, '13, 18:21

I have a G-Raid 4TB that handles my media (photos, music, video etc.) on my iMac. I shut the whole system down occasionally, but usually just leave it run all the time and let the monitor go black.

When I do power it down is there a way that I can bypass the G-Raid's power switch and have it turn on automatically upon power up? This would allow me to place it out of the way instead of leaving it on the desk where I can push the power button.

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Re: G-Raid start up upon power up?

Postby Dustin F » Jun 11th, '13, 09:27

Hi n9jig,

Thanks for posting. The power switch on the drive is independent. It will always require a manual press to turn the drive on or off.

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