Can't change to RAID0 Windows 8

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Can't change to RAID0 Windows 8

Postby dpolcino » Jun 1st, '13, 20:07

I just got the G-Speed Q 4TB, I only see 3TB and can't switch to RAID0. The configurator doesn't recognize the drive regardless of the port type I use. Is there a way to change this to RAID 0 with some other tool or what am I missing?

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Re: Can't change to RAID0 Windows 8

Postby Dustin F » Jun 3rd, '13, 08:32

Hi dpolcino,

Thanks for posting. I have tested the configurator on our windows 8 machine and seems to be fine. There are a few things you should check. First that it is connected via usb directly to the computer, not through a hub or anything. Make sure there are no other external drives or flash drives attached. Right click and run the configurator as administrator. Let me know if you have any more questions.

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