G-Connect Car Charger

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G-Connect Car Charger

Postby cgreenlaw » Apr 8th, '12, 15:05

Does anyone have a recommendation for a car charger for the G-Connect?


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Re: G-Connect Car Charger

Postby Brandon P » Apr 9th, '12, 10:51

Hello cgreenlaw,

A generic car charger that has a female USB connection on it should work to provide power for the G-CONNECT. Currently we do not have any specific recommendations. You do not need a high powered adapter with a large watt rating.

The G-CONNECT requires 5V 2.1A.
Brandon P
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Re: G-Connect Car Charger

Postby Ghost rider » Dec 25th, '13, 21:24

Where can I buy a power supply that will work With G-Connect 500? The one that come with the unit stopped working and now my g-connect is useless. I checked the power supply voltage output and there isn't any. Please help.

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Re: G-Connect Car Charger

Postby Dustin F » Dec 26th, '13, 11:20

Hi Ghost rider,

Thanks for posting. You can pick up a universal power adapter at Radio Shack, Fry's or Micro Center. The power requirements are as listed below 5V 2.1A. The amperage can be higher but the voltage must be exact.

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