4 Pin/12 volts 3 amp/5volts 5amps Power Adapter

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4 Pin/12 volts 3 amp/5volts 5amps Power Adapter

Postby cameranyc » Nov 6th, '12, 17:06

I hope that my subject title makes sense to someone out there.

These are the specs that I apparently need to know to buy a power adapter for my 500GB GRaid2 Drive, P/N 907205-01, serial number W301030148. The charming man at customer support told me that I have to make sure that the cable that I buy is BOTH 12 volts 3 amps AND 5 volts 5 amps. G-Tech no longer sells this cable. I did a quick google search and found that I couldn't find anything with these specs. I told the customer service man and he basically said "tough, your drive is old, at least 4 years old." Well, I'm a documentary filmmaker and the nature of the craft is that it often does take over a half a decade to finish a particular film, and if along the way you lose a power cable for one of your drives, I think it should be possible to buy another one... And four years may not be the most up to date technology, but really, it's not THAT old. If I had to replace all my drives every four years I'd be pretty unhappy about it.

Anyone have any idea where I can buy this particular power cable?

Many thanks.

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