Using this drive as an enclosure

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Using this drive as an enclosure

Postby crutonic » Nov 1st, '12, 08:27

Was wondering how easy it is to swap drives. I understand it is not hot swappable, I'm planning on using it as JBOD or RAID 1, depending on which drives I'm using.
I'd like to be able to take drives out when it's turned off, put new ones in and use this as an alternative to something like the Icy Dock, etc since I believe the Thunderbolt will be faster.

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Re: Using this drive as an enclosure

Postby Gene G » Nov 5th, '12, 10:18

Hi Crutonic,

Thanks for your post. It is possible for you to swap drives in the G-RAID Thunderbolt, however, there are no user-serviceable parts, and you will void your warranty. I would recommend against it. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Gene Gilbert
G-Technology Tech Support

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