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Postby flatback8 » Nov 2nd, '12, 00:44

I run Logic 9 on OS X 10.6.8. I have a 2-yr old 500GB G-Drive for all Logic/Reason files etc. It's a great little drive, but recently I have been getting "disk too slow" a lot, so I have bought a new 3TB G-drive - literally yesterday! I now have discovered my 500Gb was "Extended (Journaled)", which may explain it's "Disk too slow".

Having re-formatted the 3GB as "Extended" (as recommended by Logic users - to get the fastest read/write speed), I find the 3GB is unbelievably slow on doing anything like copying, changing folder names, 'Get Info' etc .. is that because it is "Extended"? A quick low grade test I did recording some beats with 32bit Logic & Reason worked OK.

I wish to wipe the old 500 and use it for back-up, and have the new 3GB for recording.

Would it be a suggestion (is it possible? is it advisable?) to partition the 3GB and have 1TB "Extended" for recording to disk/current Logic files/Reason files etc, and then the remainder as "Journaled" to store completed files, bounces, finished projects etc?

"Extended" makes life very difficult for transferring whole folders; it misreads and throws up errors. I am unable to copy from an existing folder (on the 3GB) without "unable to read error" Is this normal?

Hope you can help before I start transferring and losing files!


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Re: Formatting?

Postby Gene G » Nov 5th, '12, 08:13

Hi Flatback,

Thanks for your post. The HFS+ Extended should be fine for your drive to use with Logic and Reason. You may want to try formatting with the Journaling off, as it can sometimes affect recording. What connection are you using? Have you tried different cables or ports? Are you daisy-chaining? The errors are generally not caused by formatting Extended, it would more likely be a controller board or drive issue. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Gene Gilbert
G-Technology Tech Support

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