G-RAID as backup on PC/NTFS

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G-RAID as backup on PC/NTFS

Postby rl4518 » Oct 18th, '12, 16:38

understood this is mostly a MAC product, but I work in a PC world. Still, I like your design.

1) Am I able to use an NTFS type file system on the G-RAID?
2) I have an eSata interface, but never connected devices to it. Wondered if it was possible to chain
more than one drive together?

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Re: G-RAID as backup on PC/NTFS

Postby Gene G » Oct 19th, '12, 08:50


Thanks for your post. It is possible to use the G-RAID for PCs, you just need to format it for Windows. Here is a link to show you how: http://www.g-technology.com/kbase/users ... egory_id=0

eSATA is a faster interface, but you cannot daisy-chain drives. Only Firewire can daisy-chain drives.

Gene Gilbert
G-Technology Tech Support

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