Gspeed ES Web gui download

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Gspeed ES Web gui download

Postby kenos » Oct 15th, '12, 09:55

Hi there,

Can you tell me where can I get a download of the Gspeed Es Web GUI?

I've upgraded to Mac OS 10.6.8 and the current Web GUI won't open, I get the message

"Safari can’t open the page “https://localhost:7402/” because Safari can’t connect to the server “localhost”.

I can see localhost in Safari but not https://localhost:7402.

I updated the eSata driver from Gtech for 10.6.8. I'm wondering if the Web GUI needs to be reinstalled after the OS upgrade?

Many thanks

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Re: Gspeed ES Web gui download

Postby Brandon P » Oct 16th, '12, 08:55


The webgui is built into the driver download from our site. Do you have another browser you can try like Chrome?

Which version of the Mac OS did you have before you upgraded? Were you using 10.5? If that is the case you need to uninstall the old version of the gui first then install the Snow Leopard one.

In order to uninstall the old Leopard one you just download it from here:

Run the uninstaller cmd in the download and then download and install the Snow Leopard version:

Let me know if that helps.
Brandon P
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Re: Gspeed ES Web gui download

Postby Juanlu » Sep 23rd, '13, 04:39

Hi, I have the same problem than kenos. I´ve upgraded from 10.5 to 10.6.8. I´ve followed the instructions by Brandon but I can´t access to Web Gui yet. I´m using Safari, Firefox and Chrome with no result.

I suspect that the uninstall comand doesn´t fully remove the old version of the gui. So I don´t know how to solve the problem.

I´ve tried to create the RAID 0 using disk utility with success, but I´m not sure if this is the right way. Is there any advantage in creating Raid 0 using the Web Gui?

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Re: Gspeed ES Web gui download

Postby Dustin F » Sep 23rd, '13, 07:27

Hi Juanlu,

Thanks for posting. Between 10.5 and 10.6 there is a change in the OS that requires a different installer package. To remove the existing web gui for the G-Speed ES you should use the 10.5 uninstaller in this package. ...
For installing on the 10.6 system you should use the installer in this package. ... nowLeopard)
If you continue to have trouble you may want to run the uninstaller from both the first package and this one, sometimes when there are trace files left behind this one will remove those the first one might miss. ...

G-Technology Support

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Re: Gspeed ES Web gui download

Postby Juanlu » Sep 23rd, '13, 08:39

I had to execute the 3 uninstallers before using the Snow Leopard installer and it worked.

You saved my day. Thanks!!

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