G-Drive not showing up?

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G-Drive not showing up?

Postby esmcadams » Jan 28th, '13, 09:30

I just brought my new G-Drive home to use with 2 macbooks, using an airport extreme. I connected the G-Drive unit to the airport extreme and the LED light lit up. However, I cannot see the G-Drive on the macbook and can't set up Time Machine. The paperwork says it will work with Time Machine right out of the box. Am I not waiting long enough? Did I do something wrong? Is the unit dysfunctional? Any help would be greatly appreciated. The unit has been connected to the Airport for almost an hour without showing up on the macbook.


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Re: G-Drive not showing up?

Postby Gene G » Jan 28th, '13, 14:14


Thanks for your post. Have you tried connecting directly to your computer? Have you setup the Airport Extreme to use the G-DRIVE? Have you tried different cables? Please let me know if you have any questions.

Gene Gilbert
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