Using your G-Technology drive on Windows and Mac tip

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Using your G-Technology drive on Windows and Mac tip

Postby Kenny M » Sep 20th, '12, 15:18

G-Technology products are formated for Mac out of the box but with a reformat they can be configured for cross platform use. Currently there are two formats that will allow read and write access for both OS:

FAT32 (MS-DOS): Limited to no single file over 4GB, Works with all versions of Windows and Mac OS.

exFAT: Requires a exFAT update for Windows XP, natively supported by Windows Vista and Windows 7.
Requires Mac OS 10.6.5+.

Please follow the link below for the steps on formating a G-Drive to FAT32: ... gory_id=22
*If supported these instructions can be used for formating to exFAT.

Lastly there is the option of adding support with third party applications.
Mac formated drive support for Windows:
NTFS formated drive support for Mac:

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