G-RAIDmini as RAID1 mirror tip

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G-RAIDmini as RAID1 mirror tip

Postby Brandon P » Sep 20th, '12, 14:31

The G-RAIDmini is shipped as a RAID0 but can be converted with our configuration tool to RAID1.

Based on your OS and serial number of the drive you can use the various configurators:

For Mac OS 10.5.x -10.8.x with a serial number ending in -JM:

For Mac OS 10.5.x - 10.8.x without a -JM at the end of the serial number:

For Windows XP users without a -JM at the end of the serial number:

For Windows 7 users with a -JM with a serial number ending in -JM:
Brandon P
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Re: G-RAIDmini as RAID1 mirror tip

Postby alex0002 » Oct 27th, '13, 23:00

I notice this post is from 2012.
Are these still the latest configurator versions?

I'm using the version with eSATA, FW800 and USB2.0 (no JW in serial number) and downloaded the one from here:
http://www.g-technology.com/support/g-r ... nfigurator

Checking the contents of these zip files:
http://webassets.g-technology.com/kbase ... 081910.zip
http://www.g-technology.com/support/sof ... mac_32.zip

There doesn't appear to be any real difference - is that correct?

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Re: G-RAIDmini as RAID1 mirror tip

Postby Dustin F » Oct 28th, '13, 12:16

Hi alex0002,

Thanks for posting. The latest configurator can be found here http://www.g-technology.com/support/g-r ... nfigurator. For your connection types the oxford configurator should be the correct one.

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