4TB Thunderbolt drive not mounting

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4TB Thunderbolt drive not mounting

Postby pittsure » Jan 21st, '13, 12:39

4T Gtech thunderbolt will not mount to either my MacPro nor to my MacBookPro. Using a brand new TB cable and just bought the drive from B&H. Is this a common occurrence?

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Re: 4TB Thunderbolt drive not mounting

Postby Gene G » Jan 22nd, '13, 11:45


Thanks for your post. Thunderbolt drives will only work on computers that have a Thunderbolt port. The MacPro does not have Thunderbolt at this time, and the MacbookPro has only had it for the last year and a half. The display port uses the same connector, but will not work as Thunderbolt connection. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Gene Gilbert
G-Technology Tech Support

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