Back up iPad to g-connect?

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Back up iPad to g-connect?

Postby Cchucke » Sep 8th, '12, 22:39

I guess I misunderstood the description that g-connect 500 gig wireless hard drive would allow me to back up, off load, or transfer my iPad & iPhone content TO the g-connect. The stuff on my PC is already available by pogo plug (with much better quality). So anybody know if I'm asking too much, or if anyone working on an app that will let me move data both ways. ?

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Re: Back up iPad to g-connect?

Postby Brandon P » Sep 10th, '12, 08:46


It is not possible to do what you want currently due to the iPhone and iPad being locked technologies by Apple. You cannot write to the iPad and iPod anywhere you want so backups aren't possible other than through iTunes on a computer when it is synced.

That is a limitation of the iOS not something we can ever enable.
Brandon P
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Re: Back up iPad to g-connect?

Postby ScooterBuggy » Dec 25th, '12, 19:58

I too thought a similar thing about the G-Connect drive. I thought I could use it as a personal "iCloud-like" storage. However, though I can't see how that would work now, I do like the features of it. I just got it for Christmas today, and I will play with it for a while.

Someday, if that kind of feature works out, will it be a matter of a software upgrade or would it end up being a whole new G-product?


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Re: Back up iPad to g-connect?

Postby Adrian C » Dec 28th, '12, 18:21

Hi ScooterBuggy,

As Brandon mentioned, it would need for the iOS to be changed to allow this.

Assuming this did happen one day, I'm leaning more to the solution being a software change as opposed the device itself.


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Re: Back up iPad to g-connect?

Postby JSweit2 » Jan 3rd, '13, 11:46

I have the same problem in that I bought the G Connect so my wife could off load and back up her iPad.

Now that I cannot return the device, I am trying to at least use it as a network drive but the short power cord and requirement to be wired to my router (which is mounted up near the ceiling in my house) create some real cabling issues.

My guess is that this product was not thoroughly run past a real user group with hands on trials.

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Re: Back up iPad to g-connect?

Postby Dlfnl8y » Mar 13th, '13, 08:46

I think it's vital that you change the way you advertise this product. I too was led to believe it was a back up device for iPhone/iPads. Product material even mentioned handling several devices.

What good does this do me if I already have a computer to store things on & a 1.5TB storage device for that. I needed store age or the 5 iPhone/iPads in my home.

Will NOT be promoting your product. Quite the opposite, I will slam it.

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Re: Back up iPad to g-connect?

Postby Gene G » Mar 14th, '13, 07:49

The idea of the G-CONNECT was to be able to take more content with you, not as a backup for your iPads and iPhones, that is why you sync your devices to the cloud and/or your computer. It is a way to take more content than your devices will hold, to have it act as a backup will require you to sync your device with your computer, then move the data from the computer to the G-CONNECT. It would be great if the API would allow you to copy directly from the iPad to the G-CONNECT, but it does not. I hope this helps.

Gene Gilbert
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Postby unfontect » Nov 12th, '15, 20:16

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Postby Injeteeli » Nov 13th, '15, 00:53


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