Double Source error

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Double Source error

Postby ChrisFisher » Sep 6th, '12, 03:18

Hi there,

I have a Double Source error message on the chassis of my G-Safe, and have found no answers in how to resolve the problem, or in fact what Double Source means.

The two modules have been previously been used with no problems. One was sent away to be backed up onto LTO tape, and the other remained with me.

Since putting them back together I have had the error displayed. Both drives work on their own, and have been reformatted to try and solve any file discrepancies, but with no luck.

I don't need to recover any information from the drives, just need to be able to re-use them.

Any help in getting these back up and running properly would be much appreciated!

Thank you,


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Re: Double Source error

Postby Kenny M » Sep 6th, '12, 14:32

Hello Chris,

The double source is an error caused because the G-SAFE can't identify a master drive. Since data is not a concern, all you have to do is turn the unit on with only 1 drive installed. Format the drive and then insert the other drive and it should prompt you if you want to rebuild, press OK.

Once the drive has rebuilt it should be ready to use.

Kenny M
G-Technology Technical Support

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