Problem with my g-speed configurator

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Problem with my g-speed configurator

Postby nightmare » Jan 14th, '13, 16:45

I just bought G Speed Q and in the box did not have a software CD packaged with it. I download g-speed configurator from your website to setup the raid my g-speed , i connect the usb cable, But the software doesnt works, it/he not find my Gspeed, i have a message "Searching for Compatible G-Tech Storage Systems . After multiple shorter duration attempts, and an 1 hour attempt, I changed over to the supplied USB Cable and still no luck

Please help me ^^

My configuration

Macpro 12 core
os 10.7.5 / Lion
20 go DDR3

Thanks you


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Re: Problem with my g-speed configurator

Postby Gene G » Jan 16th, '13, 16:08

Hi Nightmare,

Thanks for your post. When you are running the Configurator on your G-SPEED Q, is it the only external drive connected? If not, then disconnect the other drives and try again, as the Configurator cannot recognize a drive if more than 1 are connected. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Gene Gilbert
G-Technology Tech Support

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