G-RAID w/ Thunderbolt not sleeping OS X 10.8.1

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G-RAID w/ Thunderbolt not sleeping OS X 10.8.1

Postby seanblumenthal » Aug 30th, '12, 07:08

I have a brand new G-RAID w/ Thunderbolt 8TB that is refusing to go to sleep (spin down) when not in use. I have 4 other external drives attached to the same system from other manufacturers. A Seagate USB, a WD FW800, etc. All the other drives spin down properly when not in use.

From the moment I added this drive, it has never slept properly. I done extensive trouble shooting of this issue all the way up to booting the machine in a completely clean state (OS X 10.8.1 only) to see if anything third party was affecting it, and the drive still refuses to spin down.

Even more strange, if I dismount any of my externals, they immediately spin down upon full OS dismount. The G-RAID w/ Thunderbolt does not. It will dismount from the OS, then continue to spin until I manually press the power button on the back.

Is this model capable of spinning down?

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Re: G-RAID w/ Thunderbolt not sleeping OS X 10.8.1

Postby Adrian C » Aug 30th, '12, 14:53

Hi seanblumenthal,

The G-RAID Thunderbolt by design will not spin down whilst not in use.

The drives are designed to be always ready for immediate use.


Adrian C
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Re: G-RAID w/ Thunderbolt not sleeping OS X 10.8.1

Postby Morgan » Sep 25th, '12, 13:40


I have this unit. As per sean, it was constantly on which I now know is as designed.

However, in the last few days I now hear it spin down and then spin back up every 5-10 minutes whilst I am using the computer.

This doesn't sound like correct behaviour. Anyway I can test the validity of the drive? I am on my second G-Raid T/B unit after my first one had a disk failure!


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