eSata Booting Problems

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eSata Booting Problems

Postby Charger01 » Aug 26th, '12, 16:42

I have a new G-Drive 2TB drive. Generation 4. 6/2012 0G00203 I have partitioned it into 8 partitions.
I can boot the drive partitions via Firewire, but not with eSata.
If i try booting with the eSata cable hooked up, my Macbook Pro only gets a Gray screen.
As soon as i switch the G-Drive power button to OFF, the Macbook continues to boot.
I can boot my Macbook via it's internal drive, and then turn on the G-Drive, and all the partitions will mount.
I can boot via eSata to my external Seagate drive.
I have partitions in Snow Leopard, Lion 10.7.4, and Mt. Lion 10.8 and Mt. Lion 10.8.1
However i don't get a chance to select a boot drive, if holding down the option key to select on boot up.
If i Pre-Select Lion 10.7.4, i still get the Gray Screen.
Is there a driver that i need to use the G-Drive, with my Macbook Pro 17' using a eSata card from OWC Computing at it is an OWC Slim 1 Port 3Gb/s eSATA ExpressCard/34 Host Adapter.
eSATA Specifications:
Supports 1-independent SATA port
Supports up to five drives via port multiplier command-based switching technology(2)
Supports Native Command Queue (NCQ)
Data transfer up to 3.0Gbps
Compliant with Serial ATA II specification
Backward compatible to Serial ATA I Specification
Compliant with Gen2i, Gen2m SATA II Electrical Specification Revision 1.0

Thanks for any help toward solving this problem.

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Re: eSata Booting Problems

Postby Brandon P » Aug 27th, '12, 12:04

Hello Charger01,

Our drives aren't designed and marketed for boot-ability, thus there is no support, but it is usually a nice perk that works in most drives and situations.

eSATA on our drives is a controller with simple pass-through to whatever controller it is being handled by. Your Seagate drive might have its own controller for eSATA so it would have different support. The best thing to do is contact OWC and see if they have a compatibility list with eSATA boot-ability.
Brandon P
G-Technology Technical Support

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