Upload Camera Pictures

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Upload Camera Pictures

Postby WHHG » Aug 3rd, '12, 15:10

How do I upload pics from my camera or camera chip, either directly or via the iPad? If I upload to the iPad, your app can not see or manipulate it.


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Re: Upload Camera Pictures

Postby Brandon P » Aug 6th, '12, 08:24


The best way to upload picture to the G-CONNECT is to attach your camera to your computer and the G-CONNECT to the computer via USB and drag the files to it when it mounts on the desktop just like an external hard drive.
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Re: Upload Camera Pictures

Postby CamGuy » Mar 2nd, '13, 05:33

I was so hoping that it would be possible to transfer pictures directly from a camera or card reader to the G-Connect device via a cable and the application on an iPad or iPhone hence elimination the need to bring a computer while traveling. This is ideal for photo enthusiasts who are always concern with backing up the days photos, providing them with ample storage at a reasonable price, reducing the carrying weight of equipment and so on. The G-Connect software would need to recognize another device plugged into it (open file system) and allow the transfer of the files. I would hope to see an upgrade to the software to allow this in the very near future. This would be a great selling and marketing feature, trust me.

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Re: Upload Camera Pictures

Postby Dustin F » Mar 4th, '13, 08:52

Hi CamGuy,

Thanks for posting. The G-Connect is only designed to transfer files using a computer via usb. It does not have the ability to copy files directly from a card reader. I do not know of any plans in the future to implement any such feature but will make mention of it.

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