G-Speed Studio R 24TB stripe size

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G-Speed Studio R 24TB stripe size

Postby crhendo » Jul 28th, '14, 17:15

I have just taken delivery of my new G-Speed Studio 24TB and was surprised to see that it comes with a stripe size of 1MB (RAID 5) out of the box. On the surface this appears to be quite "wasteful". Was 1MB simply chosen to demonstrate artificially high sequential read/write speeds or is there a good reason for this choice?

Any chance you could setup our own G-Speed Studio forum?

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Re: G-Speed Studio R 24TB stripe size

Postby Dustin F » Jul 30th, '14, 08:07

Hi crhendo,

Thanks for posting. The 1MB stripe size is the default setting for the raid controller and common for raids with 4K sector size as the drives provided are. If you wish you can adjust the stripe size as you see fit. Will look into setting up studio series with their own section on the forum.

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