8 TB G-Raid - Raid-1 change back to Raid-0

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8 TB G-Raid - Raid-1 change back to Raid-0

Postby DannyP » Jun 10th, '14, 02:59


I'm very new to Raid and not really sure of the correct terminology - apologies! I purchased an 8TB G-Raid Thunderbolt and that guy I purchased it off had it "mirrored"? ie I only have 4TB of space (and the other 4TB is a copy? .. think that's correct!). I've been loading a lot of material onto the G-Raid and now realise I need the whole 8TB (and not have it mirrored).

Is there a way (without losing all the data I've spent hours loading) of accessing the whole 8TB? (think changing back to Raid 0 from Raid 1).

Thank you!

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Re: 8 TB G-Raid - Raid-1 change back to Raid-0

Postby Dustin F » Jun 10th, '14, 07:38

Hi Danny,

Thanks for posting. To change the raid set from a mirrored (RAID 1)to a stripped (RAID 0) RAID set the drives will be reformatted so any data on the unit will need to be backed up before this is performed. You will first need to delete the existing mirrored RAID set then create the new stripped RAID set. I am including links with guides from apple on how to perform this with disk utility.

Delete RAID set: http://support.apple.com/kb/PH5827
create a RAID set: http://support.apple.com/kb/ph5834

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